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Metal Hammer - Live review from Alien Weaponry show - Exchange, Bristol 2019

"MORTISHEAD, also from Bristol, are just as pulverising. They bring a healthy industrial edge to proceedings and their chaotic stage energy is very reminiscent of the early Slipknot days. Gorenado and Eat Shit (Or Die Trying) are the pick of the songs played, but all hit home with the power of a well-aimed petrol bomb and by the end of their set half the band are in the audience."

Metal Hammer - Review / rating of Bloodstock show - Sophie Stage, 2018

8/10 "Everything from their perverse concotion of styles to their larger-than-life presence marks Mortishead out for something special".

(only 4 bands scored higher over the entire weekend)


Distorted Sound - Top 5 bands to watch at Bloodstock, editorials choice - Sophie Stage, 2018

3. MORTISHEAD – The Sophie Lancaster Stage – Friday

Allow a little self-indulgence from this Bristol-based contributor; MORTISHEAD are the best metal band in the city right now. It’s been three years since they won the Metal 2 The Masses tournament here and played The Hobgoblin New Blood Stage, but absence makes the heart grow fonder and this time around they’re taking to The Sophie Lancaster Stage on Friday morning to tear Catton Hall a new one and blow away all hangovers; they’re also one of only two bands on that stage who are using pyrotechnics across the whole weekend, the other being Sunday night headliners WATAIN. With a death metal sound as abrasive as it is brilliant, a crazed energy on stage and an utterly terrifying presence, MORTISHEAD will take no prisoners and leave even fewer survivors.


Get into this - Review of Bloodstock show - Sophie Stage, 2018

“Mortishead have pyro” our photographer learns and we’re sold. So, it’s off to the Sophie Lancaster stage once again for the first action of the day.

Mortishead do indeed have pyro, although far more interesting is their darkly comic parody of a totalitarian regime. The suit wearing six piece announce that “Bloodstock we are not your friend, we are your enemy” before their staccato industrial riffing compels us to obey their dictatorial orders.


The Midlands Rocks - Review of Bloodstock show - Sophie Stage, 2018

Bristol six-piece Mortishead last performed at Bloodstock in 2015 on the New Blood Stage, so it speaks volumes of their progress that they were able to packed out the Sophie Lancaster tent. They gave a phenomenal performance, emitting a feisty sludge and totalitarian thrash combination.


‘Luke the Bastard’ was as always finely turned out in dapper blazer and tie combo and spent regular intervals tucking in his crisp white shirt (but only the front half – perhaps lessons are required).


Notably, keyboardist Nick ‘Slippers’ Luxa-Richards put on a magnificent display. He was, in contrast, wearing a fairly terrifying mask that was almost like a second skin because it barely looked like a mask. When not completely destroying the keys in front of him with a brutal ferocity, he was storming around the stage; the Bez of the metal world. It’s usually just the stage crews on the main stage who get the chance to show off their pyro wizardy but Mortishead somehow persuaded them to ignite a few bonfires in the tent as they literally turned up the heat.


Rock N Load - Review of Bloodstock show - Sophie Stage, 2018

Up next! Bristol based Horror freaks Mortishead,these guys added a bit of dramato proceedings with their ghoulish makeup and over the top stage show. A banging soundtrack complimented the awesome stage presence to ensure this was wasn’t just about the visual but and auditory riot ensuing and ensuring the gathered masses all bought into it. A great change of pace from Deity’s Muse, and a fantastic addition to the bill oh and our first taste of pyro and who doesn’t love a bit of that!

Planet Mosh - Review of Metal to the Masses Grand Final - Guest Headline Set

“...imagine commando crawling across broken glass with the flies undone on your jeans and you’re close to just how abrasive and savage they are in a live setting… Final song Eat Shit sees a mass stage invasion follow a vicious circle pit and when the dust has settled, it’s clear that Mortishead have taken everyone else to school this evening.”

Metal Addicts - EP Title Track Review - ‘Totality’

“A beautifully brutal interpretation of the state of human affairs worldwide “

Bristol 24/7 - Live Show Review - Fleshed Apocalypse Tour Support


“The extreme metal sextet certainly don’t disappoint as they hit the stage running and don’t let up for a second. If their music occasionally sounds like a variety of sub-genres (industrial metal, groove metal, a dash of thrash and old-school guitar heroics) engaged in a vicious brawl for supremacy with everything turned up to 11, there are moments when it all comes together to sublime effect. Tie a-flailing, their be-suited ‘cacophonist’ (Luke the Bastard, apparently) also does a very good impression of someone who’s genuinely deranged.”

Cack Blabbath - Live Show Review - Bloodstock Festival 2015

“Yep, one band into the New Blood shenanigans of the weekend and we’ve already broke out the word “brilliant”, if this is a taste of things to come then the new blood stage could be the place to be at Bloodstock 2015.

Mortishead pummell life into the (relatively) early morning revellers and with a cheery “Wakey wakey Bloodstock” leave us genuinely in awe of just how good they are.”

Metal Hammer - Bloodstock New Blood Stage - Top 10 bands to watch

“No, that rubber-faced troll from Norway has not formed a trip-hop collective. Instead, Mortishead are a hideous, mutant metal crew with nothing short of total annihilation on their agenda. Dark, disturbing and laudably groovy, their slamming, bowel-rattling onslaught bridges the gap between state-of-the-art aggression and something more ugly, perverse and arcane. A breath of fetid air to tempt the nostrils of any black-hearted festival-goer.” (Referring to the single ‘Blood Drive’.

Metal Addicts - Competition Review - Metal 2 the Masses

UK’s MORTISHEAD dominated the battle of the bands held by HOBGOBLIN to decide who would take the new blood stage at this year’s  Bloodstock. I held these fellows as favorites and they delivered. I knew they would come out on top.

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